Packing up Eleni's parcel made all the tears. So many memories, good, bad, and everything in between. CV2 was such a special experience. I don't know if CV3 can top it, but I'm definitely excited to find out. (please keep vampires a thing!). Love! <3
Great last Mic Night Parker, and all those who sang and visited! It was nice to do some rp with some of the sim family. Next the big closing party! Bittersweet, love you all! ♥
Floof be the sad. Floof get life in order and sim going bye bye ;_;
CV2 will be missed, will be back for CV 3
If someone catches this, will be there for the Adept thing tonight, but will be a couple minutes late. Traffic sucks!
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A Letter to Our Players

Zekkiel a posted Jan 18, 18

Family and Friends of Convergence, longtime players and new, dreamers, staff, and admins.

We have been on an amazing journey together, through an incredible story spanning over three years. We have seen incredible RP, hilarious scenes, epic combats, stories that brought opposed characters together, conflict that drove them apart. But, even more than that, we've built an amazing community -- and that has been the center of everything we have done at Convergence, our desire to make Convergence not just an RP, but a home that you can come back to again and again. Even after all this time, we get apps every day, new people coming in to play with friends because those friends love CV. Because their stories are meaningful here, because their imagination counts here, and they can be more than just a cog in the wheel, but a navigator and a driver of the tremendous story you have all built.

Unfortunately, the time has come to close Convergence. The reasons are nothing bad...but actually a bit happy in some respects. They are as follows:

1) Mostly and mainly, we (Zekkiel and Pryar) have a lot going on in our lives that is going to need our attention for an extended period of time. We are getting married. (Hooray!) We're going to be attempting to buy a house. We both are undergoing or potentially undergoing big changes in our employment situation that require much more attention than when we started the sim. And, we really need more time to focus on health issues -- as a lot of the time we sacrifice eating well or exercising is dedicated to the sim. And most of all...we're tired. It takes a lot of constant dedication to run a sim, and we're just both mentally exhausted from it.

2) Convergence was never meant to last this long, or be this popular. The system we came up with was primed to run a sim with about 1/5th of the players we have consistently had, and for about 1/3rd of the time. In the beginning, this was fine. However, over time, the amount of magics, skills, races, and lore sort of...builds up a lot of artifacts. It becomes more unwieldy the longer time goes by and the more the population base grows. Despite having a sizable staff, this means that we can never quite get ahead on things like ST tickets, no matter how much time is sunk into them. We have always wanted to overhaul certain things, but that would be near impossible to do whilst people are still playing.

As such, we have decided to close Convergence: The Lost City. We will attempt to bring a conclusion to the Fae Arc over the next month and end with a huge OOC party to say goodbye...for now.

That's right, goodbye for now. Because we don't want this closing to be permanent. We think there is more story, and more adventure that we, as a community, can have together, and we want to eventually re-open. Our timeline for that is not certain, but we are projecting between six months and a year and a half. This will give us (Z and Pry) time to get some of those things in our lives settled a bit and sorted out. And it will give us some time to decide what the next sim will be.

So, without a lot of beating around the bush, let me answer some questions I know will be asked:

Q) Will the next sim be Convergence as well?
A) We don't know yet. It may be some other iteration of Convergence! It might be some continuation of the story in another way.

Q) Will we be able to bring our characters back?
A) Again, I can't say for certain, but I am hoping we can work something out which will allow this. However, due to the fact that it may be a new planet or realm, you may have to make changes to your character in order to continue.

Q) When are we closing?
A) Approximately one month give or take.  We want to finish up stories and conclude the Fae Arc.

Q) Will there be ways to interact with friends from CV in the interim?
A) We will be keeping our OOC chat and Discord open. My guess is that they will go pretty quiet. However, Pry and Z will also be purchasing a small plot of land and putting the LZ there in some form. We will be having occasional CAH, and Rabbit Nights as well as potentially meetings to discuss the new project.

Q) Can I open a Convergence spin-off sim or use your lore to open my own sim?
A) Unfortunately, no. The world of Convergence and associated lore is copyrighted material. But we do encourage you to write your own original lore and open an RP sim if that feels like something you want to do.

Q) Is this actually a cover for financial problems for the sim? Or some sort of drama?
A) No, Convergence has been in the black every month since we bought the second sim. And no, there's no real juicy drama here, other than that Pry and Zekkiel are very, very worn out Alpacas.

Q) Can I get a rental refund?
A) We will make refunds available on rentals. However, if you don't ask for a refund, that money will go towards continuing the operation of the website, opening the LZ space, and eventually purchasing and setting up the new sim, so we do very much appreciate it if you can "let it ride", so to speak.

Q) What happens to all my XP?
A) We will be shutting down new XP requests AT THE END OF JANUARY, so that you can buy things for the final battles.  Because of that, learning times are now instant.  All other spending limits still apply. When there is a new sim, we are hoping to have something that lets players bring XP over with them in some form or fashion, but that really depends on if our Glow Cloud of Amazingness (Kai) is up to the task of it all.

Q) Are you sad? I'm sad.
A) No, man. That's just ducks cutting onions.

Q) When are we closing exactly?

A) Sometime after Feb 24.  Feb 24 will be the CLOSING PARTY.  Mark your calendars!

So, in conclusion, we have amazing RP sim. We've had an amazing staff. Amazing players. An an amazing story. I have never played, or administrated, anywhere that the players have so whole-heartedly taken it upon themselves to make everyone feel welcome and included. There have been up and downs and the occasional bad time, or drama. But overall? Overall the smiles and the good times have been beyond what we could have ever hoped. Pry and Z hope you will continue this journey with us after the hiatus, but if you do not...we wish you the very best on your RP adventures and journeys elsewhere!

And, at the end, a very special thanks to our staff, who have over the years worked so incredibly hard. From the constant diligence of our apps handlers who every day, without fail, brought people into the sim... To the mentors who helped so many people with so many questions, their patience never-ending... To our XP people, who made it all work so seamlessly in the backend... To Kai, without whom nothing would ever work... To the absolutely tireless efforts of the faction leaders who dedicated day after day to pushing stories and who so often sacrificed their own stories... To the admins who worked unseen on adjudications day after day, making sure things were 'handled'... To the STs who brought us laughter, and sorrow, and pain, and incredible epic stories... We thank you, and we hope to see many of you back down the road.

Saucy Alpacas and Groovy Sloths,
Pryar Kirax and Zekkiel Zerundi

Breaking news:

(More breaking news and recent plot developments can be found here.)

NPB: Historic Truce Announced
Wed, Jan 17 2018 5:31:15 PM PST

A historic truce has been announced between the leaders of the Vampire and Shifter races. Baba Yaga has shook hands with Dr. Zerundi, and both sides have promised to work together to end the Avalonian Threat. Afterwards, a discussion will be had as to whether or not to continue the truce. Vampires everywhere are now allowed to meet and converse peacefully with Shifters in their area, and vice-versa. The two sides have already teamed up to remove the Fae Presence in the Baltic Nations.

Shadows Begin To Move
Sat, Dec 16 2017 4:50:53 PM PST

The shadows not just here in Convergence but worldwide begin to...move, on occasion. You may catch it out of the corner of your eye. Nothing seems to be there, but those shadows are definitely...moving. Watching you? No, shadows don't have eyes.  All Lokii feel particularly strange when they travel into the shadowlands.

This is an ongoing effect that will continue at least through the holidays. Spooky Christmas.

Rumors of a Shadow Creature
Wed, Dec 27 2017 1:48:50 PM PST

Rumors spread through the city of some sort of massive creature of shadows that seems to be stalking one of the quarantine zones. Numerous people have seen the creature, and have noted its similarities to many creatures of the Dark, but no interactions with the creature or injuries seem to have been recorded. Apparently it flees or disappears when anyone attempts to attack it.

One citizen called it, "The ugly little brother of a Voidskreeth".

An Earthquake Rocks the City
Sat, Dec 16 2017 5:02:40 PM PST

A low level earthquake rips through the city, sending items tumbling from shelves and causing a few broken bones and many scraped knees. A fire or two breaks out, but is short-lived due to the falling snow. Tremors continue throughout the evening.

A strange, spidery shadow begin to creep over the face of the second moon, Keres.

NPB - Allies Declared in War Against the Avalonians
Tue, Dec 05 2017 5:01:09 PM PST

Following a conference between members of the city of Convergence and the Dragonflight Royal Court, information came to light which has persuaded the Dragon Royals of Earth to get behind an alliance with the Consortium against the invading Avalonian Fae, and returning Elementals. A treaty will soon be signed between the Consortium and the Dragons, which will include a temporary lifting on the ban on interaction with Dragons for the duration of the war. Cities are rejoicing in this powerful new ally!

War Breaks Out in Rhvia
Mon, Nov 27 2017 12:51:32 PM PST

A rushed announcement comes from a runner from Rhvia. War has broken out once more in the capital city. The new Senate is under siege as a sizable and incredibly well-armored force of old Majorica supporters flood the streets. Several Senate aides have been murdered in grizzly scenes of "crystaling", which is a bit like stoning, only using sharp crystals. A curfew has been established in the city with the United Underkin Forces patrolling the streets. Skirmishes break out hourly.

NPB: Beloved Mutant Leader "Opolo" Found ALIVE!
Tue, Oct 24 2017 3:47:32 PM PDT

Although believed dead for almost two years, it was revealed today that once-head of the GMA, Randal O. Poloznik, aka Opolo, is alive and well. Details are scarce, but the man's identity has been confirmed by current GMA leader, Kazuo Otsuka. In a statement, Otsuka said, "Recent events in Nebraska allowed the GMA to finally test our theory regarding Opolo's death. We're glad that he is now recuperating at home."

NPB: Disney World....FOUND?
Tue, Nov 07 2017 7:35:21 AM PST

Disney World, and it's associated theme parks and resorts has been the strangest place imaginable. Antarctica. A huge weather-domed area has been spotted near Palmer Station, under which the Disney World and Resorts seem to and lush. A spokesman for the Nephilim has revealed that they are responsible for moving Disney World "at the pleas of the humans there, worried about the advance of Humans First". The new area is now under their protection and serves as their new global HQ, and to be known as the city of Blaspheme.

NPB: Underkin Absence From Consortium
Tue, Dec 19 2017 8:14:04 AM PST

For the last three weeks, the Consortium seat for the Underkin has sat empty, leading many to believe that the Underkin may be in the process of leaving. However, a short note from an aide to the Underkin representative, Daedrin, has revealed that a civil war has broken out in the Underkin capital city, between supporters of the new Senate, and supporters of the old Majorica, and that their representative is attending to those matters. The Underkin WILL NOT be leaving the Consortium.

NPB: Reports of Kidnappings Declines

Tue, Aug 08 2017 4:21:40 PM PDT

Reports of people being kidnapped by entities and dragged through portals has fallen off sharply in the last two weeks. No new kidnappings or sightings have been reported. Many members of the Consortium are declaring the crisis likely at an end, and celebrating the pushback from the Earth as having deterred the invaders. Other members of the Consortium are cautious, saying this might just be a lull or a feint.

NPB - Cras Idolona Arises
Sun, Jun 04 2017 11:15:44 AM PDT

Today, the Consortium announced they had been contacted by a group calling themselves "Cras Idolona". This group, made up of both war weary Pale Empire wraiths, as well as, surprisingly, a section of former Gray Crusade wraiths who have become strangely more stable following the fight with the Dark, has yet unknown goals save a brief statement that they intend to "intend to heal the ills of the Pale Realm". Nonetheless, they appear to have offered their services to the Consortium.

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