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News - Jul. 22, 2017

Zekkiel a posted Wed at 6:00

Notice:  We're now looking for new Mentors.  If you've been around a while and 'know the ropes', so to speak, about what new players might need to know, you could be a mentor!  Mentors answer questions from prospective players, and even long-time players, assisting them in finding what they need.  Mentors are often the first representatives from CV someone meets, so we're looking for positive, helpful people.  If you're interested, please apply at:

Notice:  The new mage subrace, Onmyoji, is now available!  The new wraith subraces, Lich and Revenant, are also available to be played.  And the new Shifter subrace, Sonkaichoro, is now available for play as well.  We've also added Spiritkin, a human subrace option, under the Yokai.

Notice:  We're now looking for new owners for the Salon.  If you are interested in owning either of these, please fill out the form at:


New Player Tip:  The Convergence New Player's Guide has been updated.  If you are new to Convergence, it should be a valuable resource to help you get started!  Also, check out the new "About Convergence" video here!

Tip of the Week:  Be sure to turn off or remove scripts from copy decor if you can!  It really helps keep lag to a minimum when the sims get busy.  Report any stray items to the staff by sending a LM and description to Zekkiel, so he can come return it.

Current Open ST Ticket Count: 35

Current Pending ST Ticket Count: 121

XP Tickets: 1

Breaking news:

(More breaking news and recent plot developments can be found here.)

Flu-like Symptoms Begin to Pass
Fri, Jul 21 2017 6:23:02 AM PDT

The flu-like symptoms experienced by many following the attack of the "Strange Fae" begin to pass. Some people continue to be sick for another 48-72 hours, but most are already beginning to feel quite a bit better. No further symptoms are experienced, and tests of those who were ill come back negative for D13.

Flu Like Symptoms Arise InSome
Wed, Jul 19 2017 5:34:57 PM PDT

Flu-like symptoms arise in some of those who have had contact with the Strange Fae from the portals. And occasionally even those who have had contact with others who have had contact. It's up to you if you want to come down with it, but it's just flu-like stuff, or heavy-colds. It occurs in humans and supernaturals alike. Panic sweeps the city that this is just the beginning of an epidemic, a strain of D13 that is immune to the vaccine. However, nobody has (new) cannibalistic or psychotic urges.

NPB: Reports of Kidnappings Involving Magic up 1500%
Tue, Jun 27 2017 1:49:55 PM PDT

Kidnappings are being reported worldwide, at random locations of people who seem to have no relation to one another. Over 300 people have been reported missing across the globe. The only connecting thread is that eyewitnesses report some sort of "tear in space" or "strange portal", through which terrifying creatures emerged to grab the victim. Afterwards, the portal closed. Several people have tried "jumping into" the portal, and have simply disappeared as well. Authorities have few leads.

NPB: A River Runs Red!
Tue, Jun 20 2017 5:54:42 PM PDT

Reports from Europe have announced that the Danube has turned blood red. Panic has set in for residents near the river, citing everything from plagues and punishments from various gods and monsters to a possible rare algae bloom. Residents are being warned not to drink the water, or even touch it. Rumors have spread that some people have become fascinated with the red river to the point of entering it, and if in a strange trance.

Thankfully, that will surely never happen /here/. Surely

NPB - Cras Idolona Arises
Sun, Jun 04 2017 11:15:44 AM PDT

Today, the Consortium announced they had been contacted by a group calling themselves "Cras Idolona". This group, made up of both war weary Pale Empire wraiths, as well as, surprisingly, a section of former Gray Crusade wraiths who have become strangely more stable following the fight with the Dark, has yet unknown goals save a brief statement that they intend to "intend to heal the ills of the Pale Realm". Nonetheless, they appear to have offered their services to the Consortium.

NPB - Livia the Elder meets With Dragonflight Royals
Sun, Jun 04 2017 11:26:56 AM PDT

Scandalous and shocking news today. Consortium Secretary, Livia the Elder is said to have met with Dragonflight Royals at Consortium Headquarters in Geneva. Apparently, the dragons simply appeared in the courtyard and asked be received, with no forewarning. It is said there were two dragons, one white, and one black, both looking quite old. It is unknown what was discussed, but Livia has recalled all of the Consortium Joint Forces to Geneva.

NPB: Consortium Announces "That's No Moon".
Mon, May 15 2017 9:16:08 AM PDT

The Consortium announced today that according to its research, the red moon above the planet has not always been in orbit, and in fact, according to records they found, is a fairly recent development. As late as the 1990s, only one moon existed above the current iteration of Earth. More research must be done, but theories are already flying about the moon, named Keres by the previous occupants, and what portents it might hold.

NPB: Cyborg Memory Restoration Update from Consortium
Fri, Feb 03 2017 10:20:59 AM PST

According to the Consortium, the division of scientists working on the problem of Cyborg amnesia has had a breakthrough.  A new treatment, albeit a painful one involving electric shocks of some sort, can now restore approximately 15% of Cyborg memories.  Although it is not much, the few Cyborgs who have undergone the therapy believe it will give them a starting point to find out who they were before they were Cyborgs.  The treatment, known as Frequency 404, after the "missing data" error found on the now defunct internet, is being provided free only at registered Consortium research facilities.  Unfortunately, not many of these research facilities exist, worldwide, so it will require many Cyborgs to travel.  However, some Cyborgs believe that there is no treatment, and that this is simply some sort of trick indicative of collusion between VecraTek and the Consortium to "recall" all outstanding Cyborgs.  For what purpose?  Theories vary.  Other Cyborgs believe that this is not a true restoration of memories, but instead...implanted memories designed to suit some terrible purpose.

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