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News - Nov. 21, 2017

Zekkiel a posted Tue at 10:56

Notice:  Requests for Level 3 quests are closed until the New Year so that STs can catch up on the backlog of requests.

Notice:  The Mirror Portal is now functional.  For a list of cities available for travel, see this post.


New Player Tip:  The Convergence New Player's Guide has been updated.  If you are new to Convergence, it should be a valuable resource to help you get started!  Also, check out the new "About Convergence" video here!

Tips of the Week: 

  • Please don't idle in public for long without an AFK or OOC tag. 
  • Using special characters in your name on your Enjin account can make it super hard for us to reply to your requests.
  • Make sure to check your Applications, XP Tickets, and ST Tickets for replies from staff.  We have a lot of things waiting on player replies!

Current Open ST Ticket Count: 28

Current Pending ST Ticket Count: 150

XP Tickets: 7

Breaking news:

(More breaking news and recent plot developments can be found here.)

A Grisly Discovery: Akahana's Fate
Sun, Oct 29 2017 2:19:41 PM PDT

Early this morning the severed arm of Akahana Kaito was found nailed to a tree near the city gates. Daimyo Akahana, who has been missing for several weeks now, is presumed to be dead. The arm appeared to be branded with the seal of the Kyōke, a cadet branch of the infamous Fujiwara clan. Though many whisper it to be the work of Omnyouji the Council of Thebes claim no knowledge of the situation and are calling it an act of “rogue terrorist elements”.

NPB: Beloved Mutant Leader "Opolo" Found ALIVE!
Tue, Oct 24 2017 3:47:32 PM PDT

Although believed dead for almost two years, it was revealed today that once-head of the GMA, Randal O. Poloznik, aka Opolo, is alive and well. Details are scarce, but the man's identity has been confirmed by current GMA leader, Kazuo Otsuka. In a statement, Otsuka said, "Recent events in Nebraska allowed the GMA to finally test our theory regarding Opolo's death. We're glad that he is now recuperating at home."

NPB: Disney World....FOUND?
Tue, Nov 07 2017 7:35:21 AM PST

Disney World, and it's associated theme parks and resorts has been the strangest place imaginable. Antarctica. A huge weather-domed area has been spotted near Palmer Station, under which the Disney World and Resorts seem to and lush. A spokesman for the Nephilim has revealed that they are responsible for moving Disney World "at the pleas of the humans there, worried about the advance of Humans First". The new area is now under their protection and serves as their new global HQ, and to be known as the city of Blaspheme.

Whispers of an Uprising (Underkin-only News)
Sun, Sep 17 2017 10:57:52 AM PDT

There's repeated rumors of members of the old Majorica, the former governing body of the Underkin gathering soldiers. Many believe that they may try to storm Rhvia, and take back the power that they lost. Although authorities have gone looking for them, nobody has managed to find any of the hideouts that the Majorica is supposedly using to build their growing army. Some people dismiss the rumors as just...sheer fear and paranoia.

NPB: Reports of Kidnappings Declines

Tue, Aug 08 2017 4:21:40 PM PDT

Reports of people being kidnapped by entities and dragged through portals has fallen off sharply in the last two weeks. No new kidnappings or sightings have been reported. Many members of the Consortium are declaring the crisis likely at an end, and celebrating the pushback from the Earth as having deterred the invaders. Other members of the Consortium are cautious, saying this might just be a lull or a feint.

NPB - Cras Idolona Arises
Sun, Jun 04 2017 11:15:44 AM PDT

Today, the Consortium announced they had been contacted by a group calling themselves "Cras Idolona". This group, made up of both war weary Pale Empire wraiths, as well as, surprisingly, a section of former Gray Crusade wraiths who have become strangely more stable following the fight with the Dark, has yet unknown goals save a brief statement that they intend to "intend to heal the ills of the Pale Realm". Nonetheless, they appear to have offered their services to the Consortium.

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