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Items from the original Convergence have been moved here.
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In Character -- General
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This has information about general lore and info for the city. Plot information will also be posted here.
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By Zekkiel ao Nov 20, 17
For discussion and clarification of IC magic, skills, items and weapons.
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By Zekkiel ao Nov 7, 17
Information about plots and Events! Dun dun dun! If you post about an upcoming event, put the date in the subject, so people know if it's upcoming or already passed.
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By Eleni Denimore o Sat at 17:21
This is the board to post IC knowledge that others might know. You can post rumors, articles, bits about your characters, , summaries of upcoming events, etc.
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By Polly 22 hours ago
Logs of Roleplay, what else!
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Here you can introduce your character or keep a running journal for your character.
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By Figment Glasswing aka Fig o 5 hours ago
In Character -- Factions
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This is the forum for the Ebon Hollow faction.
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By Iris o Nov 23, 17
This is the forum for members of the Union as well as Gojira.
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By Brylee Nov 27, 17
This forum is for the Liber Libelum faction.
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By Allisa Loon Sep 1, 17
This is the forum for the Blue Lotus faction.
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By Matthos de Santis Dec 3, 17
This is the forum for the Night Market faction.
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By s ᴜ ᴋ ɪ Fri at 18:44
This forum is for the Cabal faction.
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By Kurai Thei Nov 27, 17
This is the forum for the Vesh Varekai faction.
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By Bastion Oct 24, 17
The forum for the Adepts of Ada. Please preface your posts with IC or OOC, since this will also serve as the Adepts' electronic communications center.
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By Misha Sun at 19:22
Sylvani Herd Faction Forum
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By Kosto Tue at 20:43
A forum for the Ars Moriendi faction
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By Ascilia Enoch Nov 26, 17
Lost Psalm
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Forum for the Solus Stellaris Faction
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By Keres666 Mon at 11:37
Yokai faction.
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By Zekkiel ao Nov 28, 17
This forum is for threads regarding only specific races, rather than specific factions.
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By S.P.R.I.T.E. Nov 5, 17
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