Looking Forward: A CV3 Blurb

Kai a posted Mar 14, 18

In the end, the people of Earth, led by the courageous actions and fight of Convergence, activated the Lumina Crystals. And those Lumina Crystals woke the Olde Ones. Furious that their descendants had broken the sacred Oath with the Fomorii, the Olde Ones destroyed the Avalonian Fae's rule over Avalon. All of the Fae there turned to crystal, locked in themselves, and the Fomorii of the Shadowlands were allowed to take over that most magical of all realms.

But, with her last breath, as even her throat was turning into dark crystal shards, Mab spoke one last curse. She bade Earth be a beacon to Eternal Night, which should swallow it into a void of obscurity. And so it was that, not long after once seemingly defeating the Dark by fleeing to another dimension, the people of the second Earth were set upon by the forces of the Dark once more. The invasion was much more rapid the second time around. Within days, Luna and Keres were consumed.

The second iteration of Earth, an alternate dimension where the people of Convergence had come to live after fleeing the first Earth when the Dark invaded the first time, was in danger of destruction.

They had to leave. But how? Engineer Zig, who had sacrificed his life to help them escape the first time, couldn't sacrifice it again. The answer was found in the labs of Engineer Starry. She had been working on a new device, something she called...the Blink Engine. It was supposed to allow Convergence to easily navigate through time and space. But, Convergence was a city, not a starship...wasn't it?

With the help of the Adepts of Ada, and under the guidance of the now Robotic Zig, the Blink Engine was altered. Utilizing the Blink Engine, the Mirror Portal given to Convergence by King Saefiraen, and all of the computing power of Ada, portals were opened all over Earth to a place Engineer Starry had designated in her journals as, "A Safe Haven When All Hope Is Lost." As Ada drained the last drops of power from the city, and the dome failed along with Ada's core, people all over Convergence, and all over Earth, fled through the portals, not even knowing what was on the other side.

But, what was on the other side?

A place of mystery, a place of danger. A crashed space station, and a strange planet. This new Convergence is nothing like the one built by the Ancient Engineers... But is it a place where the refugees can thrive? It remains to be seen.