First off, if this was a newspaper story there would be another byline: big thanks to Heather,, the sim's real estate manager, for sharing her notes that she gave people when they planned events for CV2. I used a lot of her material in here.

This material is intended as a supplement to our big events page: I’m just giving you some tips based on being, I am pretty sure, the typist who has hosted the most calendared events in Convergence. A lot of what I say here is duplicated on that page; hopefully that means it’s good advice :)

So you want to have an event!

Of course you do. People bring energy and imagination to events. You never know what is going to happen. And you get XP for hosting, and they get XP for attending. It’s a win.

The biggest thing to remember is Don’t overthink hosting an event. You don’t need to have 20000L worth of props, you don’t need to arrange for 20 people to have things to do, you don’t have to prescript a bunch of things. An event can be as simple as “we’re having a potluck.” Or, “we are having an open house at our faction or business.” All a subfaction has to do to have an event is say, “Hey, we’re having a gathering. There’s pizza.”

I mean, plan something elaborate if you want. Elaborately staged events can be amazing. But our players will take the simplest of settings and make the scenes wonderful regardless of what you offer as a host.

Rules about Events

Two rules become very important as you hold and think of your event First: Know that we have your back. It is against the rules of the sim to sabotage an event. Sabotaging an event is when someone tries, intentionally or accidentally, to create some circumstance that would end the event or drive people away from it.

Why, you ask? Normally, in Convergence, we are all about spontaneity. However, the person planning an event put effort into it. People may have given a lot of thought about what to do at the event. Typists may have changed their RL schedule in order to attend this event. All of these people are entitled to have the event take place. So someone cannot “blow it up” by, say hurling a firebomb into the event or making some incredible announcement “50 vampires are attacking my home” that would drive all the players out of the event to go protect someone.

If you think someone might be disrupting the event unduly, feel free to IM them or reach out for an admin.

(As a side note I’ll sometimes agree to let someone do something wild after one of my events is done. So you certainly can ask the organizer to work with you on this, particularly if the event is not that long and people might have energy left for something new)

Second rule: this is what it says in our rules about XP and events:

Hosting an IC event. You get extra XP if you host, or co-host an event. (There can be up to two hosts in certain situations -- see the events document for more details.) You need to put it on the events section of the webpage at least five days in advance and also submit a synopsis and list of participants after the event. The event must be attended by at least 5 people besides yourself, and may not be a "closed scene" -- it must be open to an entire faction, race, or the sim as a whole. Please keep a log of the scene in case questions arise. (1xp per month)

OK, let's go: Planning

The day: Identify a day that you yourself know you can make, as best as you can tell. If you have other players you want to be involved, you can use a nifty tool called Doodle to help chose among several dates. Here’s an example of how I am using a Doodle poll to help identify when people might make something:

Your event and other events: It is bad form to schedule your event at the same time as other events when you might be competing for the same players. However, I’m going to argue that we have so many subfactions, a subfaction meeting could probably run the same time as, say, Open Mic or a business event or certainly another subfaction event. Or it’s possible your event will draw entirely different people. If you are thinking of having an event at the same time as someone who has already scheduled one, please contact them. They may have put a lot of effort already with the vision of attracting certain kinds of people, and to set up something to compete with that would just be shitty.

Before the Event

Plan and delegate: Plan IC and OOC with whoever you want to help with the event (or if the event is just you having an open house at your business, that’s great too) Delegate if you can. Other people would probably love to help you, because we’re like that here. Ask someone to help set out food or props. Ask someone else to keep an eye out for newbs and make sure they get introduced or involved in the RP in some fashion IC.

Don't rush yourself: Allow yourself extra time to set up the event. I mean, for one thing, it takes time to set up an event anyway. But I guarantee .. As soon as you sign on before an event, people will IM with questions about the event. And I guarantee some old friend you haven’t heard from in eight years will contact you :) These conversations may be welcome, but they take time. Allow yourself time if you can.

Just Before

Give people a cue in advance so they can come to you without rushing: About 30 - 60 minutes before you want to start, I recommend putting something in roleplay chat about your setup. That’s so people who are in a scene will be reminded that they need to find a transition to your event. It will take them a couple of posts at least to make their way over to you.

Be aware if you do this, you may get a couple of people who show up right away. You can engage them, or don’t be afraid to say you are setting up and are OOC. They can talk to each other while they wait.

Find someone with notice rights and have them put out a group note.


Numbers: Now, you might get just a few people, and that’s fine. Really. Because it means everyone will get more time and attention. Or you might get a lot of people. If you get a lot of people, don’t try to hold to a post order that includes everyone. Tell people OOC that they are welcome to RP in small groups. Or say that you need responses by, say, 15 minutes before you will moving on in the scene.

Newcomers: Let’s go back to what I said about newbs. You are not holding this event so you can just pal around with your three closest friends. Or, I hope you are not. New players often come to an event because they are hoping to meet people. You remember being new in an rp sim, surely. Make it easy. Ask players to circulate and spot newcomers. If you are in the middle of dialogue and your character can’t get away, have an NPC you invent talk to the new person and point out another player to them. Or IM someone and say, “Hey, I know I don’t know you very well but can your character maybe notice ___ I just don’t have time to get to them.”

XP Tips

So we do events for fun, but people love to get the XP from attending. You would not be the first host to stage an event, feel so happy and accomplished when it is over, and then realize you don’t have a list of who was there so they can get XP. That's a lousy feeling.

So .. get a list of people who were there so they can get XP.

Only use SL names in your list: The main thing you need to know is that the XP handlers have everyone sorted in the database by Second Life name. So you don’t need to write down their display name. What I do, if I have time, is open the profiles of people who type at least twice during an event, and copy and paste their Second Life name into a notecard. If someone is TheAmazingRandi (dullparts resident) the only thing I put on the list is “dullparts resident.”:

Gathering names: It might be you get so busy, you don’t have time to open profiles. What you can do then is, every half hour or so, take a screenshot of the names in your radar. After the event is over, you can manually type the names into a notecard. But save a log of your event. Some people park their avatars at an event to observe or go afk, and you don’t want to be giving them XP. I personally, this is just me, don’t put someone on the XP list until they post at least twice. And you might need a log to find out of the person posted. Unfortunately, some logs only save the display name. So really, it’s better to try to get names during the event. Ask someone to help you!!

Fill out the form: After the event is over, go to Enjin and choose the XP form. In the dropdown menu, you pick 'report an event I hosted'. Give all of the SL names of those that attended. Put a semicolon between each name even if you put each name on a different line. Why, you ask? The app handlers will not see returns, so no matter how you format things, what they see is going to look like this:

Dullparts resident bobjones resident Parker Panache Whacky Whimsical Taylor Parts cheesypants resident tacacardia resident Mel Patricio

That’s why Heather suggests the semicolon so at least it’s a teeny bit easier to read:

Dullparts resident ; bobjones resident ; Parker Panache ; Whacky Whimsical ; Taylor Parts ; cheesypants resident ; tacacardia resident ; Mel Patricio ; (etc)

Clean Up When It's Over

... and congratulate yourself on contributing to roleplay in Convergence!!