• Juniperians in general do not have middle names.

  • Last name is a place name, indicating where they are from.
  • Last name is always prefixed by Ai’ , an old Astori word meaning ‘of’.
  • Names tend to be melodic and avoid harsh sounds at all costs.

  • Profession often used as a prefix to name.
  • Names tend to sound ‘clicky’.

Natha Erz:
  • Names tend to contain ‘hissing’ letter combinations
  • Shared middle name between all clutch mates. This is a tradition not always practiced anymore.

  • Tend to sound ‘elfish’.
  • Conformity is important to the Vak. Names that stand out are avoided.
  • Courtesy name: Name traditionally granted in a coming of age ceremony. Is used before the first name, as a pairing. Incredibly rude to skip it unless you are of a higher station than the Vak. Sign of respect if someone from a higher station uses it. Some modern Vak consider this an old fashioned thing to do, and ignore the tradition.