Summoning Spirits: CliffsNotes Edition
(For more detailed information on spirits see: This Link)

So you are a fledgling summoner, itching to call upon the spirits? There are some important points to understand:


1) Spirits do not always do what you want.

  • A wise summoner calls for help, but does not demand it. Spirits have had a long, often unpleasant relationship with mortals races (such as the mages) who have ceaselessly tried to destroy them and often are prone to dislike mortal beings.
  • Whenever you call a spirit you have never worked with before it is a good idea to consider making a difficulty check to see if it is willing to help you. If you fail it then the spirit simply won't help you. The reason for a refusal within RP can range wildly and seem quite inane to a non-spirit, such as “I do not like people without green hair”. Have fun with it!

2) Spirits like sincerity, and true recognition as sapient beings.

  • A person who wishes a working relationship with them will be forthright about what they are needing. Be prepared to hear refusals for some things.
  • Never demand a spirit comply to your wishes. They are highly capricious beings, and the more powerful ones are often quite proud. Demands will only anger them and ruin any chance of working together.

3) Be ready to pay the piper.

  • Spirits do not work for free, and always ask for something in return for their services. Generally offerings are in accordance to the spirit’s nature are offered from the get go for this reason.
  • It is worth noting that while at higher levels of power a summoner can force a spirit to obey their will this is a Really Bad Idea. The spirit will remember such abuse, and it will tell other spirits.You may find a STer decides to play the part of a few disgruntled spirits out for revenge if your reputation gets too bad.

4) Understand spirit magic isn't like other magic.

  • Spirit magic is perhaps the only magic where you can succeed at the spell, yet ultimately fail to get results as you are working with beings that have free will. When it does work out, though, you can get some pretty amazing results.



Let us say we need to light a campfire. As a rank two summoner we call out to a minor spirit of fire and one answers. We then offer up—say a cinnamon stick—and petition that in exchange it lights the wood we have collected.

We have not worked with this spirit before, so we do a difficulty check: If we fail it means the spirit refuses for whatever reason and leaves, or if we succeed then it accepts the deal, taking our offering and lighting our fire.